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Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!


It’s a jungle out there—we know

We understand that most building and remodeling projects are a major investment for our clients, and they can be a nerve-wracking foray into the unknown. You may be worried that someone will take advantage of you. You may have heard some frightening first-hand accounts of remodeling nightmares. We’ve worked with many clients who say, “I sure wish we had hired you last time.”

Our Design + Build process gives you time to build confidence in us at the beginning of our relationship because you work with us in our capacity as designers before you make the larger financial commitment to go into construction. By the time we furnish design clients with a hard estimate, they have spent some time with us, and the estimate proves that we aim to meet our clients’ budget. This detailed estimate shows that we have taken all the important specifics of the project into account.

Regular and responsive communication

During construction, our clients have access to a designer and a project manager as well as the lead carpenter in charge of the project. We know that communication is absolutely key to our clients weathering the disruption of remodeling. We’ll do all we can to keep your project moving and reduce that disruption—and that starts with being available when you call.

When your project is finished, we know you’ll be pleased you chose Alpha. Our goal is to hear from you the next time you’re ready to remodel or build. We want you to tell all of your friends and family about the good experience you had with us. That’s how we’ve built our 30+ years of success.

Our warranty guarantees our work for a year. Please ask any of our clients about our responsiveness when questions or issues arise—far beyond that one year. Once you’ve worked with us, you’re part of a family.

Soliciting and listening to your feedback

For us, a job is only complete when we see our clients smiling. When we’re done building, we walk through a thorough punch list and our clients complete a satisfaction survey which we read — carefully.

At the end of every job, we ask our clients to rate us 1-10* — not just on the quality of the end result but on everything we’ve done from day one. If we garner less than a nine, on any step, we consider it a failure, and we make it right. (Truth is, we’re not that happy with nines.) Your home remodel isn’t just about smiling when a project is done. It’s about smiling every day we’re in your home and every day thereafter.

*97% of our clients rate us 9-10 in every category.

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