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How to Survive a Bathroom Remodel

Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!

How to Survive a Bathroom Remodel

Are you about to begin a bathroom remodel at your home?

Is the only bathroom in your home about to become a dusty, noisy inconvenience for you and your family?

If you’re overhauling your only bathroom, this project is one that you’re going to want to start and finish as fast as possible. If you’re relying on remodeling contractors in Ann Arbor to do the job for you, we’ve got some tips so you can prepare for the job ahead:

  1. Dealing with dust – Sanding drywall, removing a tub, and ripping out old tile are definitely messy jobs. Expect a lot of dust. If the weather is permitting, your contractor can put a fan on the bathroom window and create a backdraft to draw out all the dust. Make sure you cover the floors leading from the bathroom to the closest exit in your home, so your contractors don’t track dust and debris all over your home.
  2. Set up a makeshift bath – If you depend on the bathroom that you’re remodeling for your daily use, be sure to ask the designer/builder to set up a temporary bath for you. This can be done by using a temporary fiberglass shower unit in the basement that drains into the utility tub floor drain. There may be a cost for this, but it’s worth it in the long run so you’re not constantly calling the neighbors to use their bathroom! Talk to your remodeling contractor to see if this is an option for you.
  3. Leave room in the plan for a delay – Especially if you’re taking the DIY route, there’s going to be a learning curve that could make your project go on longer than you originally plan for. Consider hiring professionals that will have a careful plan, a detailed schedule, and ensure all the materials are in on time and on-site.
  4. Have fun with it! – Try not to get overwhelmed and stressed and remember that when it’s all over, you’ll have the luxury bathroom of your dreams! Take lots of photos for before and after shots!

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