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Unique Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!

Unique Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

  • Do you need some show-stopping ideas for your kitchen renovation in Ann Arbor?

  • Want to make your kitchen unique but aren’t a design whizz?

  • Is your creative side letting you down when it comes to great design ideas for your kitchen renovation?

For many of us, the kitchen functions as the hub of our homes. It’s more than just a space for cooking; it’s where we entertain friends and family, hang out after work or school, and maybe even eat most of our meals together. So when we opt for a kitchen renovation, it makes sense that we want something special or unique in the design. Here’s a little secret for you …  you don’t have to be a design pro to get a unique look for your home!

At Alpha Design + Build, because our designers are passionate about their craft and about giving you the kitchen of your dreams, you can get the unique design you’re looking for without having to pour over Pinterest searches or magazine pages for months on end. For a taste of some of unique ideas, take a look at a few of our ideas for Ann Arbor kitchen renovations. 

How can you bring unique design ideas to your kitchen renovation in Ann Arbor?

1. Black Cabinets

White is the traditional, classic cabinet color choice, and will probably always be. But if you’re thinking unique, how about black cabinets? This is a bold but classic look that could work with a variety of design styles. You could go all-in with an entire kitchen full of black cabinets, do two-toned uppers and lowers, or add a bold splash with an island featuring black cabinets. You can offset the black with lighter countertops, backsplash, or reflective materials. 

2. Stainless Steel Countertop

If you’re drawn to sleek, modern, or industrial design, this unique choice could be a springboard for your entire kitchen design. It’s not something you’ll see often outside commercial kitchen settings, but it can work in almost any style of home. You don’t have to use steel on all your countertops, but it will definitely be an eye-catcher if it makes an appearance in your renovated kitchen. 

3. No Uppers 

Because cabinets can be so beautiful and functional, you might have a hard time restraining yourself from filling every possible space in your renovated kitchen with new cabinets. Completely eliminating upper cabinets, or opting for airy open-shelving instead, is a unique design detail that will appeal to anyone going for the modern, open look. This is a particularly effective choice if you have quite a bit of space to work with and want to emphasize or add natural light to the room. 

4. Glass Front Cabinets with a Splash 

If you love a white kitchen, but want to add a unique design element, this idea could really get your engines revving! Instead of the classic solid-front to your cabinets, go with a transparent glass front and paint the inside of the cabinet for a splash of color. Transparent glass isn’t your only option, of course; you could also do a translucent or textured glass, chicken wire, or any number of options. 

5. Sliding Doors 

Outfit your kitchen with sliding door cabinetry instead of swinging doors. This is a unique option that could work wonders in a smaller kitchen that requires some space-saving solutions, or for someone just looking for a special touch. Sliding doors can work for pantries, entry-ways, appliance garages, and your cabinetry. 

6. Bold Hardware 

Hardware choices may be the most fun way to bring a unique touch to your kitchen renovation because there are so many options for any style. You can go for contrast with large black hinges and pulls on white cabinets, or add sophisticated detail with trendy rose gold or brass on black or colored cabinets. You can bring a cohesive look to your space by making consistent choices in your cabinet hardware, faucets, and light fixtures. 

How will the design process at Alpha Design + Build work for you?

If any of the unique design ideas featured here has you feeling inspired, it’s time to get serious and have a chat with our team! Our design process relies on the skills of our passionate and experienced designers whose most important quality is that they work hard for you! From detailed design options to itemized budgets, your concerns and priorities are always at the center of the project. 

Ready to talk about your kitchen design with the pros? Email or give us a call today! Your dream home starts with Alpha Design + Build.

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