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7 Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!

7 Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Kitchen Design Ann Arbor
  • Dreaming of a new kitchen and need design ideas?

  • Do you want to make sure your new kitchen design in Ann Arbor is beautiful and functional?

  • Are you ready for a kitchen remodel but aren’t sure about the design?

Because remodeling your kitchen is a big investment, you want to take your time with the design and get things right the first time. As professionals in kitchen design in Ann Arbor, at Alpha Design and Build we know that you’re looking for a kitchen that is beautiful, functional, and as stress-free as possible. But that looks a little (or a lot) different for everybody. 

So how do you even begin to decide what aesthetic and functional features will work best for you in your new kitchen? A great place to start is looking at current trends for inspiration! Take a look at our list of 2018 design trends full of fresh and classic ideas for your kitchen design in Ann Arbor.

1. Eat-In Kitchens

As nice as a formal dining room sounds, they often go unused while the family squeezes into the kitchen at meal time. That’s why designing your kitchen with an eat-in area is a great choice! Incorporate a large island with enough room to seat the family or swap out the island for a farmhouse table. Banquette seating with a mix of built-in benches and modern chairs is an emerging trend for kitchen eating areas, too. 

2. Streamline

This look isn’t for everyone, but for homeowners who love modern style, everything is getting streamlined these days! Flat front cabinetry is gaining popularity and has a lot to offer the modern kitchen style. Continue the clean lines of your sleek countertop through the sink by using the same material; marble and concrete are great for this trend. Keep up the minimalism by using fewer or no upper cabinets or going with open shelving. 

3. Integration

Integrated appliances are on-trend in 2018 and offer a custom look. The seamless cabinet to appliance façade can reduce function (no access to ice outside the fridge, for example), but it might be worth it for aesthetics, especially in a small space. A more budget friendly option is adding sliding doors to hide appliances. 

4. Smart Kitchens 

If you’re a tech-lover, remodeling your kitchen is an opportunity to bring gadgets into the space. There’s a smart version of almost anything in your kitchen such as refrigerators that monitor your groceries, no-touch faucets, programmable coffee makers, and under-cabinet lights you can customize and control with your smart phone. 

5. Cabinet Color

White is popular as ever and will probably always be a solid choice for cabinetry. Gray is a close second and goes with any aesthetic from industrial to elegant. New to color trends of the day are dark, jewel tones that add luxury to the room. Get the look with black, navy, emerald, or plum colors that work their magic best with a satin or matte finish in a larger room. You can always break things up with contrasting colors on the island or on upper and lower cabinets. 

6. Built-In Storage 

Make your kitchen more functional with built-in storage solutions. One of the biggest complaints about kitchens that need an update is lacking or unusable storage space. Ideas for upgraded storage solutions include appliance garages for countertop gadgets, built in drawer dividers, pullout spice racks, rollout trays for pots and pans, waste-basket cabinets or deep drawers, pullout butcher blocks, pullout cutting boards, and extra-deep drawers. The possibilities are endless! 

7. Open Layout 

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home and we tend to want it connected to everything rather than separated. A big concern for many homeowners who want to tear down walls and update to an open floor plan is load-bearing walls. So, before you get set on opening things up for your kitchen design in Ann Arbor, make sure you know where the load bearing walls are in your home and if you’ll have to consider the expense of adding a beam or support column to your design. 

Trust Your Kitchen Design and Remodel in Ann Arbor to the Experts

Although there is a lot to think about when designing a new kitchen, just browsing some trends and ideas can help you decide what you like and what’s most important to you. Start a conversation about your kitchen design with experts and give us a call today! We’re ready to work with you to design and build the perfect space.

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